Landscaping, Maintenance Responsibilities, and View Improvement

The HOA would own ALL former golf course property except the 2-acre maintenance shed lot on Route 29 and the 10-acre lot recently purchased by the Virginia Oaks Conservancy, LLC that was established by the Boones. The cart path would become a private paved trail for use by residents, and the HOA would take over specific landscaping for the new land purchase. The trail would be kept free of weeds by the HOA, and one mower width would be mowed along either side. The ponds would be maintained, and all street frontage and the area around the Clubhouse would be landscaped (see Official HOA FAQ #10). This maintenance cost is included in the $180 per quarter ($720 annual) fee increase.

The Boones have provided a deeded easement to allow HOA members to use the Boones’ approximately .3 mile portion of the cart path to keep the path contiguous.

The HOA will have no responsibility to maintain the Nutrient Bank except that homeowners may not cut down or kill the newly planted trees (see Official HOA FAQ #24). As part of the purchase, the sellers and the Nutrient Bank sponsor, Conservation Plus, have agreed to delegate their right to restrict access to the Nutrient Bank areas back to the HOA (per HOA Board Member, November 6, 2019). They have also agreed to provide an application process for individual homeowners to obtain approval to trim weeds and underbrush from around the newly planted trees and/or plant native vegetation in Nutrient Bank areas (per Conservation Plus, HOA Informational Meeting, November 6, 2019). This approval would be valid for 10 years and filed with the HOA management company in the same way as current Design Review Committee (DRC) applications are filed. This process would provide the HOA and homeowners with flexibility to manage views and surroundings.

This is the area we would be purchasing:

This is what the Clubhouse looks like inside:

These are the trails and views we’d be preserving and adding to the community: