Maintenance Shed Lot Remains Part of VA Oaks with Use Limitations

The Maintenance Shed lot is being sold separately by the current owners to a developer.. The community is not involved in that sale and has no recourse to stop the sale (see Official Board FAQ #43). Prince William County officials have advised the HOA (per informational meeting June 24, 2019) that it is highly unlikely that the Virginia Oaks HOA can block rezoning forever. As part of the Clubhouse and land purchase, the HOA Board obtained agreement from the current owners to require any future purchaser to keep the Maintenance Shed lot on Route 29 within the Virginia Oaks Residential Planned Community (RPC) instead of allowing it to be removed and rezoned as an independent commercial lot. They also agreed to require deed restrictions on the sale to permanently limit the allowed uses on that property to those compatible within an RPC neighborhood (per HOA attorney, November 6, 2019). This affords the HOA input into future uses, buffers, and additional terms (per Stephen Donohoe, PWC Assistant Planning Director via HOA Board member). The HOA Board will send a letter to Supervisor Lawson supporting rezoning under these conditions. This does not preclude individual homeowners or groups of homeowners from objecting to Maintenance Shed lot rezoning (per HOA attorney, November 6, 2019).

The Clubhouse Requires Minimal Rezoning Effort for HOA Use

The HOA will need to change the Clubhouse parcel from “Open Space” restricted to golf operations to allow use by the HOA as part of “Community Facilities.” This is the same use as designated for the HOA lot at the front of the community. Per PWC, “this is a straight-forward request” (see Official HOA FAQ #31). As of November, 2019, the costs involved would be a base rate of $5,232.36, with an additional per acre fee of $311.70. There are additional edits that could be made to the HOA’s Proffer Statement. These include removing references to golf, increasing the allowed height of the fence along the former junkyard property so that the current HOA fence is no longer in violation of our zoning documents, and trying to remove the language authorizing the County to build a connector road between HOA homes on Covewood and the day care center. This road would connect Virginia Oaks Drive directly to Linton Hall via Charis Avenue and potentially increase cut-through traffic at the front of the community. The full cost of rezoning the Clubhouse and surrounding acreage, including amending the Proffer Statement and all legal fees is included in the $180 per quarter ($720 annual) fee increase as part of the loan service cost.