The following FAQs are taken from the Official HOA Fact Sheet. They are broken out here by topic for homeowner convenience. They have been updated with links and line-throughs to show the current status of work completed. (All links open in a new tab.) You can see the FULL OFFICIAL FAQs here to verify that all information is accurate to the official version. This page is provided only for ease of reading and convenience in referencing additional information.

Please note: NOT VOTING is the same as voting NO.

Voting is currently in progress and will end at the Annual HOA Meeting on December 16th. (This meeting will be held at the Clubhouse at 7pm). Electronic instructions were emailed on Friday 11/15/19 to all residents with email addresses on file with Sequoia Management. The reply address was: Virginia Oaks Golf Course Purchase Vote Election Coordinator . The subject line was Virginia Oak HOA Election.

Also on 11/15/19, Survey & Ballot Systems mailed paper instructions for voting online to every homeowner with information currently on file with Sequoia Management. This information was mailed in a white envelope with the Virginia Oaks logo and a return address for Survey & Ballot Systems in MN. Please check your mailboxes. If you do not receive the instructions timely, you can contact Sequoia Management for help.

For a thorough discussion of voting and the purchase agreement presented by the HOA Board and the HOA attorney, please view the official, unedited video of the November 6, 2019 informational meeting.

  1. What happens if the HOA members don’t vote to approve the purchase of the clubhouse and property?
    The HOA then has the right to terminate the purchase agreement and the golf course owners have preserved the right to accept a backup offer. The HOA Board is not aware of the terms of the backup offer, who made the backup offer, or what such an offer would mean for the community.
  1. What is the property worth?
    It is hard to use any type of objective standard or value to determine what the property is worth to the Community, as the golf course is an integral part of the community. That being said, the golf course owners received 5 other offers, at least two of which included offers to purchase the land and the clubhouse. The HOA Board believes it made a competitive offer in light of the all the offers that were made. Seven years ago, the Clubhouse parcel alone was assessed at $3,450,000.
  1. What approval is required from homeowners for the purchase to go through?
    There will be one vote, and it will contain two questions. The voting requirements for each question are slightly different.
    The first question is whether homeowners are willing to approve a loan to acquire and renovate the clubhouse. This question will require approval from 2/3 of all homeowners.
    The second question is whether homeowners are willing to increase annual HOA dues to pay for the cost of acquisition, operation, and maintenance of the clubhouse and property. This question will require approval from 2/3 of a special quorum (a percentage of homeowners) who vote. The initial number needed to meet that quorum is 60% of all homeowners.
    In reality, given the above voting structure, it will take 2/3rds of ALL homeowners voting YES for the purchase to go through. Not voting is a vote against.
  1. Do we need to change our Bylaws or Declarations documents?
    No. As long as we obtain approval to finance the purchase through an HOA feeĀ­backed loan, no change to HOA documents will be needed. As long as we obtain the necessary approval from HOA members, the HOA will be able to obtain a single 15-year loan for both the purchase and renovation costs within the no-risk study period.
  1. How will voting be handled?
    With respect for all residents and our bylaws, the main voting method will be done electronically under the control of a third party. The voting will not occur until the board has provided all relevant information to the homeowners. The board is targeting the electronic voting to begin in mid-November. There will be an in person and proxy vote that will supplement the electronic vote that will occur in midĀ­December to ensure all homeowners have an opportunity to vote. Additional procedures are still being investigated and will be discussed with the HOA attorney.
  1. What happens if an HOA member doesn’t vote? Does that matter?
    Since one of the two questions needed for approval requires approval from 2/3 of all homeowners, not voting is the same as voting no.
    It is critical that all homeowners vote one way or another.
  1. Why is it a good idea to acquire the golf course land and former golf course clubhouse if the community votes to do so? Some of the potential reasons for this purchase are:
    • It may protect or enhance property values.
    • It will enable the community to determine how the property will ultimately be owned and used, thereby reducing uncertainty.
    • It ensures that the property will be maintained at the same class A level as existing HOA common area.
    • It provides the community with the opportunity for a new identity as a greenspace community on Lake Manassas with five miles of walking/jogging/biking trails.
    • It provides a central space to gather for HOA meetings, community events and parties, clubs, pot lucks, cookouts, childrens’ activities, snow day activities, senior events, etc.