The following documents were originally linked directly to files on the website so that users could be sure they were viewing Board provided documents. On 11/20/19, the Board was forced to remove those from the They were uploaded here to ensure homeowners in Virginia Oaks had the ability to review them prior to making this critical financial decision about the future of the community. The HOA attorney, on 11/21/19, confirmed that there is no reason the files cannot be linked to or displayed publicly. To the best of our knowledge, they disclose no personally identifiable information or anything damaging to the HOA. They are needed by homeowners making this significant financial decision, and it is critical to have the full documents available to dispel the barrage of false claims that have been made recently about costs related to the potential purchase. . They are provided here by HOA members for other HOA members to view in the interest of transparency and full disclosure. Any other use is unauthorized.

Note: On 12/5/19, some of these files were re-uploaded to the Virginia Oaks website. Those files were linked directly back to the Virginia Oaks website here on 12/5/19. As additional documents are re-uploaded to, the links below will also be linked back directly to those documents.

The FINAL, independently validated, HOA annual dues increase is $720 per household or $180 per quarter. Completion of the purchase requires 2/3 of ALL Virginia Oaks homeowners to vote YES by December 16, 2019. Not voting equals voting NO.