LoveVAOaks.com was created by homeowners in Virginia Oaks to assist other homeowners by providing timely, factual information in an organized fashion. The HOA Board is made up of volunteers with busy lives. Due to the speed and amount of information required in a transaction as complicated as the one involving the potential purchase of the former golf course property, the Board was unable to provide information in the depth and detail that many homeowners feel they need. For example, in the most recent issue of The Acorn, there was no information provided about the purchase. In part, this was likely due to information not yet being finalized. By the time the FAQs were received by HOA members by mail, some of the information had already been outdated.

The website at VirginiaOaks.com has been the subject of frustration by many homeowners. Documents are uploaded to the site as files rather than being browsable. There is no easy way to provide text-based information or updates. Filenames are sometimes difficult to understand or identify.

This site, LoveVAOaks.com, hopes to:

  • Provide up-to-date information in a logically organized fashion,
  • Provide links to source documents directly where those sources are cited,
  • Enable homeowners to find all information in one central repository,
  • Provide updates as information or needs change.

At the time that this site was created, all files were linked directly to their source documents on VirginiaOaks.com to ensure their integrity. Those files were provided on VirginiaOaks.com to HOA members without restriction or limitation on sharing or dissemination, and per the advice of the HOA attorney on 11/21/19, there is no reason those files cannot be linked to or provided publicly. To the best of our knowledge, no information in them places any HOA member or the HOA at risk.

At this time, given that all voting on Question 2 (increase in HOA fees by $720 per year) needs to be complete prior to December 16, 2019, it is critical that HOA members have the information that they need. There has been a campaign of anonymous letters delivered to residences containing errors of fact, numerous Facebook posts containing errors of fact, and several emails sent to all members of the HOA’s online directory containing errors of fact. (See Misinformation Campaign.)

This site is published with the HOA Board as the main point of contact because individuals supporting the purchase of the property have been the subject of vilification and controversy for many months. Those against the purchase also feel that they have been attacked. Information provided by the Board is fact vetted by professionals. It is not opinion.

Confusion, emotional arguments, and misrepresentations of fact lead people not to vote. Since not voting by December 16, 2019, in this instance, is the same as voting NO, factual errors not only sway the vote, they suppress the vote. Fight back by reading the source documents provided here for yourself.

If you find any errors of fact in this website, please contact LoveVirginiaOaks@gmail.com otherwise, please contact the HOA Board at hoa@virginiaoaks.com to ask them to provide you with answers to any questions you did not find on this site.

Corrections Reported to Date:

  • 11/18/19: Corrected references to quarterly fees amount on Why It Matters Page.
  • 11/18/19: Changed content-descriptive sublink name under The Facts to Misinformation Campaign per suggestions. The Board-provided content behind that link remains the same. Please note that no one who sends an email to hundreds of people can have a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” and we believe there is a great detriment to the Virginia Oaks community overall by allowing misinformation to be disseminated unchallenged. The responses to the factual inaccuracies were written by the Board or by Board members, and per the HOA attorney on 11/21/19, there is no reason they cannot be displayed publicly o this website.
  • 11/19/19: Content added for sub-sections to make finding content easier.
  • 11/20/19: Files hosted on VirginiaOaks.com removed, breaking links.
  • 11/20/19: Files uploaded to LoveVAOaks.com directly to replace missing files.
  • 11/21/19: Disclaimers removed from the above file uploads following confirmation from the HOA attorney that there are no issues with having files relating to the golf course purchase uploaded publicly on this website.
  • 11/22/19: Clarified that attorney statements were made about documents being public, not where they could be publicly displayed.
  • 11/22/19: Corrected missing link to September attorney presentation.
  • 12/5/19: Some missing files relating to the purchase were re-uploaded to VirginiaOaks.com by the HOA Board. Those files were linked back to the source files on VirginiaOaks.com throughout LoveVAOaks.com. As the HOA Board uploads additional source files, the remaining links on LoveVAOaks.com will also be changed to point back to the official HOA Board sources.
  • 12/18/19: Self-check corrected a typo on The Facts and subsidiary Costs and Financing subpage (with identical text).
  • 12/18/19: Reflected that all voting on Question 2 needs to be completed by 12/16/19, based on statements made by the HOA attorney at the HOA Annual Meeting on 12/16/19, which clarified the legal position that voting on Question 1 (authorization to finance) will continue until closed by the HOA Board.

Content on this website may change daily as new information is provided. Additions and improvements will not be reported. Inaccuracies or corrections requested by HOA members will be logged as above.